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Hooray! It's Derby Day!


Scroll to see what each stop is offering for drinks, appetizers, and activities. And see the map below for walking directions to participating locations, photo stops, and parking.


ARENDELL ROOM Try the special "Brown the Corner" craft cocktail for $8, and enter the Arendell Room Hat Contest for a chance to win an AR gift card!

CATCH 109 Don't miss the "Grapefruit Trotter" cocktail for $10!

FLOYD'S 1921 Stay awhile on Floyd's back porch and enjoy Woodford Reserve Mint Juleps for $12, plus a uniquely crafted "Across the Board" appetizer featuring: Smoked Pork Belly Burnt Ends with a bruschetta of Brie cheese and cherry barbeque sauce for $14.95 Feeling lucky? Play a game of horseshoes while getting ready for the main event! Horseshoes will be set up outside.

JACK'S WATERFRONT BAR Drop in the 1st floor for a "Jack's Jockey Margarita" - $9, or make your way upstairs for a "Kentucky Mule" & Bruschetta combo for $17. Jack's will also have the Derby Darty raffle station set up on the first floor so swing by to pick your winning horses! Raffle tickets are $5 each, or 5 for $20.

OFF THE HOOK This Kentucky Mule really is "off the hook" ....get it? Grab one for $8 and enjoy!

PORTSIDE MARINA SHIP STORE The race starts here! Stop by from 2:00-4:00pm for check-in and enjoy participating in the Best Dressed, Most Dapper, & Best Hat contests. Stick around for photo opportunities and live music from Justin Castellano from 2:00-5:00pm! Plus you won't want to miss these drink specials: 1. Smoke Show - $7 A spin on the traditional Moscow Mule. Crisp and spicy ginger flavors paired with refreshing citrus and lime hints. Just the jump start you need – no smoking gun needed! 2. Out of the Gate - $7 A traditional mimosa bar that will make your head feel as big as your hat! The quintessential weekend morning drink consumed “right out the gate.” 3. Winey Mary - $7 The drink of the sore loser. This variation of a traditional Bloody Mary, instead spirited with Pinot Noir, is sure to pacify any whiney loser. 4. Kentucky Gambler - $4 House choice of a variety of locally brewed beers

PROMISE LAND MARKET Grab a Derby classic, the Mint Julep, for $5.00 at PLM! Also a great spot for a photo op and a 50/50 Raffle Drawing.

RED FISH GRILL Make the most of the crawl with a "Mint Julep" from Red Fish for $10!

TAPS & TACKLE Pair a Louisville Lemonade ($10) and Kentucky Cornbread ($12) with live music from RV Roadshow for a really good time! Why not play a round of cornhole with your friends in the backyard at Taps & Tackle?

TIGHT LINES PUB & BREWING Sip a house brewed, "Sailboat Hippie" Wheat Beer for $5 or an "Oaks Lily" for $7 at Tight Lines. Stay for the photo booth and Derby giveaways offered throughout the event!

YELLOWFIN PUB Try a Kentucky staple, the Oaks Lily, for $10 and have your photos taken in front of the beautiful Morehead City waterfront.

CIRILA COTHRAN REAL ESTATE Check out one of the best views in all of downtown with a horse inspired photo booth and Derby themed giveaways!

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