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This hat contest is all about the people’s choice! Contestants should register by filling out the form below.

On the day of the event, contestants will bring their own decorated hats (these hats will not be the hat that they will be wearing for the event) to Portside for Check In. They will leave their hats there on display for the public to view and vote. Each $1 is one vote. There will be jars with each hat to collect votes. During the event, a volunteer will take their designated hats to a specific location (bar or restaurant participating in the crawl). The public will have until the end of the Derby Darty to vote for their favorite hat.  

At 7pm, all the hats will be brought to Jack’s third floor, where the raffle is hosted. You can pick up your hat there or at the train depot the following week. Downtown Morehead City, Inc. will count the money and determine who has won the contest. We will announce the winner the next day via social media. 

All of the money collected will go towards Downtown Morehead City, Inc. We are a non-profit, tax-exempt economic development organization dedicated to making Downtown Morehead City a vital community for residents and visitors alike.  

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