Big Rock Fountain Pavers

Big Rock Fountain Pavers


The Town of Morehead City and the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament are proud to announce the Big Rock Fountain on the waterfront in Morehead City, NC. This fountain provides significant educational, cultural and economic impact for the Morehead City waterfront and Carteret County. The Plaza has become one of the most photographed icons in Carteret County along with the lighthouse at Cape Lookout, the Shackleford Banks ponies and Fort Macon.


This magnificent sculpture and fountain give visitors the opportunity to see the actual scale of a 1000 pound plus blue marlin that swims off of our coast. The sculpture provides a cultural impact for Carteret County by being one of the largest pieces of artwork in the area. It gives visitors to the Crystal Coast a reason to stop on the Morehead City Waterfront and therefore serves as a catalyst for economic development. The Morehead City waterfront is a destination for all Crystal Coast visitors.


This sculpture represents the very thing that the tournament is all about, the quest of the grander blue marlin. The sculpture heightens the awareness of the existence of these magnificent fish. Maybe it will motivate a young child that has never been exposed to fishing to take on the challenge.


The fountain also serves as a perpetual trophy for the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament and the Big Rock Keli Wagner Lady Angler Tournament. All of the past and future winners of both tournaments are memorialized with a permanent etching on the base of the fountain. What a great trophy to recognize the first fifty years of winners and the next fifty years of winners.


Be a Part of the Legacy!

Downtown Morehead City, Inc. would like to give you the opportunity to participate in this project by purchasing a brick paver that will be a permanent part of the fountain. For a small donation, your plaque will memorialize your boat name, a captain, mate, relative or family member.  

Pavers are ordered twice a year -  June 30th (First deadline) and December 31st (Second deadline) .  There are two tentative installations a year: by mid-May and by the beginning of October.  We keep you informed via email as to the progress of your paver.  Don't wait, order yours today!